How to Use Console Commands in ARK: Survival Ascended

Unlock the potential of console commands in ARK: Survival Ascended with this guide. Master new tools for enhanced gameplay!

Have you ever felt stuck on the tough island of ARK: Survival Ascended? Did you wish you could fly freely or easily tame the toughest dinosaurs? Well, get ready! This guide is here to help you understand console commands in ARK: Survival Ascended. They’re like magical codes that let you change things in the game, giving you the ability to make the game your own and really succeed on the Ark island. So, let’s dive in and learn how to use these commands to make your adventure even more epic!

Enabling the Power: How to Activate Console Commands in ARK

Before you can use cool console commands in your game, you need to turn them on first. It’s pretty easy, and how you do it depends on what you’re playing on.

If you’re on a PC, go to the main menu, then into “Settings,” and find “Advanced.” Look for “Console Access” and switch it to “On.” Hit “Save,” and boom, you’re ready to rock.

For PlayStation and Xbox, it’s even quicker. Just open the in-game menu and press some buttons at the same time. PlayStation folks, try L1, R1, Square, and Triangle. Xbox players, go for LB, RB, X, and Y. When you hear a sound or see a message, you’re good to go with console commands!

Unlocking the Command Console: Your Door to Endless Options

Now that you’ve got console commands switched on, it’s time to dive into the command window. This is where the fun begins – you type in special codes to change the game or your character. PC players, hit the “`” key (usually above “Tab”). For PlayStation and Xbox, no extra steps needed – the console window pops up after enabling commands. Ready to explore the possibilities? Let’s dig in and see what these commands can do!

Cracking the Code: Making Sense of Console Commands in ARK: Survival Ascended

Console commands in ARK: Survival Ascended are like secret spells you type into the game to make things happen. They let you change stuff in the game or make your character super powerful. But, before you go wild, there are some things you should know.

First off, console commands work differently if you’re playing alone or on a server. When you’re by yourself, you’re the boss of what commands you use. But on servers, only admins can use some commands to control things like creatures and items.

Using console commands is cool, but you’ve gotta be responsible. They’re great for trying out new things or getting past tough parts, but if you use them too much, it can mess up the game. It’s like having a secret weapon – you use it when you really need it to make your game better, not to ruin the fun.

So, before you start typing away, remember to think about how you’re using console commands. They’re there to help you, but too much of a good thing can spoil the adventure.

Essential Tools for Every ARK Adventurer: Mastering Core Console Commands

Now that you know the ropes of console commands in ARK, let’s dive into some must-know tools that can take your gaming experience to the next level, especially if you’re just starting out. We’ll break them down into two main categories: Player Commands and World Commands.

Player Commands: These nifty codes tweak your character’s abilities and inventory. Check out these game-changers:

Feeling Indestructible: If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the dangers lurking on the island, activate god mode with the simple command god on. This gives you a temporary shield of invincibility, letting you explore risky areas or tackle formidable foes without the fear of biting the dust. Just remember to turn it off with god off when you’re ready to face the music again.

Taking Flight: Ever wanted to soar above the ARK landscape like a majestic pteranodon? Well, now you can with the fly on command. Take to the skies and marvel at the breathtaking views below. And when you’re ready to touch down, simply deactivate it with fly off.

Phasing Through Walls: Stuck behind an impenetrable barrier or curious about what lies beyond? Activate ghost mode with the ghost on command. Walk through walls, explore hidden passages, and get past obstacles like a spectral ninja. But remember to switch back to normal mode with ghost off when you’re done.

Instant Inventory Boost: Struggling to scavenge for resources or itching for a specific weapon? The giveitem command has got your back. Just type giveitem , and voilà! Your desired items will magically appear in your inventory.

World Commands: These commands tweak the environment and gameplay mechanics:

Time Manipulation: Need to speed up or slow down time for strategic reasons? The settime command lets you control the day/night cycle. For instance, settime 12:00 will make it high noon in the game.

Teleportation Tricks: Lost your buddies or need to zip across the map in a jiffy? Use the teleport command to instantly warp to another player’s location (as long as you know their name). It’s perfect for reuniting with your crew or swiftly reaching distant spots.

A Word of Caution: Keep in mind that certain commands, especially those with admin-level powers, might require admin privileges on dedicated servers. Always double-check with the server admin before unleashing commands that could potentially disrupt other players’ experiences.

With these essential console commands under your belt, you’re well-equipped to tackle the challenges and mysteries of the ARK world. So go forth, adventurer, and make your mark!

Uncovering the Depths: Delving into Advanced Console Commands

For those seasoned adventurers seeking to expand their control, the world of ARK console commands offers much more than just the basics. Advanced commands open up a realm of possibilities, allowing you to fine-tune game settings, shape creature behavior, and even influence server mechanics.

Yet, treading into this territory demands careful consideration. Advanced commands can be complex, with nuanced syntax and potential repercussions. To avoid unintended chaos, it’s wise to consult comprehensive ARK console command guides available online. These resources categorize commands by function and provide detailed explanations of their effects.

Before wielding a new command, take time to understand its purpose and potential consequences. Remember, while these commands grant great power, they also require great responsibility. So, whether you’re tweaking game mechanics or reshaping the world, proceed with caution and respect the balance of the game.

Wielding the Power Wisely: Safety and Cautions

While console commands can be a boon, they also carry risks. Relying too heavily on them can spoil the excitement of ARK. Imagine defeating a T-Rex effortlessly – where’s the fun?

Use commands wisely. They’re handy for overcoming hurdles or testing new strategies, but don’t rely on them too much. ARK’s true joy lies in facing challenges and growing your survivor’s abilities. Treat commands as tools to enhance, not replace, the thrill of gameplay.

ARK: Survival Ascended Console Commands – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Are console commands available on all platforms?
A: Yes, console commands work on PC, Playstation, and Xbox versions of ARK. However, activating them varies slightly by platform.

Q: Do I need admin rights to use console commands?
A: In single-player, no. But on dedicated servers, some commands may require admin privileges from the server owner.

Q: Is using console commands safe?
A: Yes, if used wisely. Overusing them can disrupt gameplay. Use strategically to overcome challenges or enhance exploration.

Q: Where can I find a complete list of console commands?
A: Check online resources dedicated to ARK console commands for comprehensive lists and explanations.

Q: Can using console commands get me banned?
A: Yes, if used to disrupt gameplay or gain unfair advantages. Always follow server rules to avoid bans.


Now that you’ve learned how to wield console commands in ARK, remember to use them wisely. They’re meant to enrich your gameplay, not overshadow it. So, go ahead, try new things, and take on the ARK with a newfound sense of mastery. Your adventure awaits!

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