Purchasing a US Phone Number Online from the UK: Simple Step-by-Step

Do you have your friends and family residing in the US? Are you planning on expanding your business into the US while staying in the UK?

A US-based phone number can open up a whole new market for your business. Having a US phone number will not only help you connect with your customers beyond the UK but also enhance your local presence in the US.

In this article, we will be discussing how you can purchase a US phone number online from the UK with tips and required documents. 

Keep reading to find out more. Let’s get started. 

Why do you need a US phone number in the UK?

There are a lot of benefits to having a US phone number. Expanding your customer base into the US can be the biggest benefit of owning a US phone number. Having an international number can make your business look more professional and established, as it can give the customer the impression that you are actually present in the US itself. Moreover, local presence helps businesses gain the trust of customers and save costs of setting up physical offices in the US.

Seeing a familiar number, customers are more likely to call and enquire about the business. Having a US number creates a source of reliability for US-based customers, as having a local number allows them to contact you in their times of need without having to worry about time differences and all. 

Can I get US phone numbers from the UK?

The answer is yes; you can get a US phone number from the UK. In fact, there are a few types of numbers provided by virtual phone number providers. They are as follows.

  • Local Phone Number

Local Phone Number is the most common US number, consisting of 10 digits. The number starts with the area code, depending on which region you are in.  Major metropolitan cities in the US, such as New York and Los Angeles, have more than one area code.  Businesses mostly use local numbers as they create an impression of a business being present in that local area. 

Some of the most popular area codes in the US are 312, 404, 212,305, etc.

  • Mobile Phone Number

Mobile phone numbers are not assigned to a specific area, unlike local numbers. It can be used from throughout the country. US phone numbers can be obtained from the UK as there are no geographic restrictions like local phone numbers. 

  • Toll-free Number

Toll-free numbers are those numbers with three-digit codes that can be dialed from a landline without any cost. These types of numbers allow businesses to have a long-distance call with customers without having to worry about the phone bill. A toll-free number is very commonly used for customer service calls. These types of numbers are very common in businesses as it doesn’t require a charge for calling from the landline. Typically, these numbers in the US start from 800, 888, 844, 833, etc. 

  • Vanity Number 

A vanity number is a tool-free custom number that can spell out a unique or memorable phrase on the back. When a customer places a call from a landline, it doesn’t charge them anything as it is a toll-free number. It is a great way of marketing as you can put any word or phrase related to your company behind the number. This way, the number can be memorable and unique, and the customers can easily remember it. 

For example, you can get a number like 1-800-PET if you have a business relating to animals. 

How to purchase a US Phone Number Online from the UK? Simple Step-by-Step Guide

Purchasing a virtual US VoIP phone number can be a very quick and easy step as there are tons of providers providing the service. But while purchasing these types of services, research is very important. Researching what you want and what they provide is very crucial. This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of purchasing a US VoIP number from the UK.

  • Researching and selecting a reliable platform like Dialaxy
  • Create an account on the Select platform
  • Fill up the necessary information and access the dashboard
  • Select the preferred country(the US) and choose a number
  • Select the required plan and move forward with the payment

A few minutes later, you will receive your virtual US VoIP phone number. After getting the number, make sure to test all the security measures and verify it. 

Tips for Selecting a US Phone Number While Residing in the UK

There are a few things that you need to understand and make sure of while selecting a US phone number while residing in the UK. Selecting a virtual international business number can be a hectic job if you don’t know what you are doing. So here are some tips you can follow while selecting a US phone number online.

  • Budget

If you are looking for a US phone number, you should consider your budget since virtual numbers can range from low to high price. So, It is essential to take your time and explore all the available options. Look for a service provider that provides features like call recording, call forwarding, etc, as they can be very useful while running a business. Services like Google Voice are free of cost, but they come with limited features. Also, make sure to choose a budget-friendly provider without compromising quality.

  • Reliable provider

Finding a reliable provider is very essential as you don’t want any problems while using the virtual number. After a service provider matches your needs and requirements, go through with its provided services and terms and conditions just to be sure. It is very important to test the service beforehand and make sure of everything. So, ask for a demo and make sure the provider provides you with 24/7 customer service.

  • Scalability

As businesses grow over time, so does the requirement for the service. So, always pick a provider that can adjust the number of phone lines according to the requirements of the business with ease. Thus, select a provider that provides you scalability option.

  • Customer reviews

Just finalizing a serve is not the end process. It is very important to go through the review even before choosing a provider. Going through customers’ reviews can give you an idea of the product’s reliability.  

Necessity of Documentation in Acquiring a US Phone Number from the UK

There are a few documents you need to submit while purchasing a virtual US VoIP phone number from the UK. Documents may vary depending on the type of number you are purchasing or from whom you are purchasing it. The following are the documents required to purchase a virtual US number while residing in the UK.

  • Copy of your passport
  • User’s picture
  • Bank statement/utility payment pill
  • Business registration  documents

The VoIP number provider asks for these documents to verify the identity of the user and the business. They also crosscheck the document to ensure the virtual number gets into safe hands and away from illegal activities. 

Ensuring Security and Privacy: 5 Key Considerations

While purchasing a virtual number from a different country, there are a few things you need to consider. Below are the factors that you need to take into consideration while purchasing an international virtual number.

  • Consider understanding the data protection law from both the UK and the US, as they might be different from each other. 
  • Use strong passwords and use security measures features provided by the service provider and safeguard your communication.
  •  Consider testing security alerts of your US  virtual number, as there might be some weaknesses so that you can address them to the provider.
  • To minimize unwanted access, you should regularly alter your security measures.
  • Also, consider having different modes of emergency communication, as there might be a limitation on international virtual numbers.


It is fairly very easy to get a US phone number while residing in the UK. But before committing to any services, it is very important to go through their terms and conditions as different countries might have different terms and views for their services.  Researching before committing to any services is very important.  Also, make sure to ask for a trial before committing to the provider. Apart from that, getting a US phone number can be very beneficial for your business as it can increase your customer base and open a whole new horizon for your business. 

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