How to fix the “Emergency Calls Only” Error on Your Android Phone

The “Emergency Calls Only” error on your Android device can be a frustrating issue that prevents you from making regular phone calls. This problem typically arises when your phone encounters difficulties connecting to your carrier, experiences software glitches, or even if your phone bill remains unpaid. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the most common causes of this error and provide step-by-step solutions to help you resolve it. With our easy-to-follow instructions, you can quickly regain the ability to make calls from your Android phone.

Understanding the “Emergency Calls Only” Error

What causes Emergency Calls Only error?

The “Emergency Calls Only” error can be triggered by various factors, including:

  • Incorrectly inserted SIM card.
  • Minor software glitches in the phone’s system.
  • Incompatible network mode.
  • Unpaid phone bill.

Common scenarios where it appears:

  • Traveling to areas with poor network coverage.
  • After a software update.
  • When switching carriers or inserting a new SIM card.
  • Following accidental changes to network settings.

How to Fix the “Emergency Calls Only” Error

Turn Airplane Mode On and Back Off

Step 1: Pull down from the top of your phone’s screen.
Step 2: Choose Airplane mode to enable it.
Step 3: Wait for ten seconds.
Step 4: Tap Airplane mode to turn it back off.

Explanation: By using Airplane mode, you disconnect and reconnect your phone to your wireless carrier, often resolving minor connection issues.

Restart Your Phone

Step 1: Press and hold down the Power button on your phone.
Step 2: Choose Restart in the menu that opens.

Explanation: Restarting your phone disconnects it from all networks and services, allowing any minor problems to be resolved when it boots up again.

Reinsert the SIM Card

Step 1: Pull out the SIM tray.
Step 2: Remove the SIM card.
Step 3: Reinsert the SIM card properly.
Step 4: Push the tray back into the phone.

Explanation: Properly installing the SIM card ensures your phone can read data from the card, resolving the “Emergency Calls Only” error.

Change the Network Mode

Step 1: Open Settings on your phone.
Step 2: Choose Wi-Fi & Network.
Step 3: Select SIM & Network.
Step 4: Tap Preferred network type.
Step 5: Choose an alternate mode.

Explanation: Switching network modes may resolve the error if your preferred mode isn’t supported by your service provider.

Manually Select a Network Provider

Step 1: Launch Settings on your phone.
Step 2: Navigate to Wi-Fi & Network > SIM & Network and select your SIM.
Step 3: Tap Network operators.
Step 4: Turn off the “Choose automatically” option.
Step 5: Select your provider on the mobile networks list.

Explanation: Manually selecting your carrier can resolve issues with network provider recognition.

Reset Android’s Network Settings

Step 1: Access Settings on your phone.
Step 2: Head to System > Reset options in Settings.
Step 3: Tap Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth on the reset page.
Step 4: Choose Reset settings to bring your settings back to the factory defaults.
Step 5: Restart your phone when you’ve reset the settings.

Explanation: Resetting network settings resolves any incorrect or corrupt network configurations.

Factory Reset as a Last Resort

Step 1: Open Settings on your phone.
Step 2: Go to System > Reset options in Settings.
Step 3: Tap the Erase all data (factory reset) option.
Step 4: Choose Erase all data.
Step 5: Follow the on-screen instructions to finish resetting your phone.

Explanation: A factory reset restores your phone’s settings to factory defaults, usually resolving core configuration issues.

Tips and Troubleshooting for a Smooth Fix

Backing up Your Data

Before performing a factory reset, make sure to back up your Android data to avoid losing important information.

Ensuring Compatibility

Ensure that your phone and your chosen network mode are compatible with your service provider.

Regularly Updating Software

Keep your phone’s software up to date to prevent future errors. Check for software updates in your phone’s settings.

Seeking Professional Help

If all else fails, consider consulting your service provider or a technician for assistance.

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FAQs on the “Emergency Calls Only” Error:

Q: What does the “Emergency Calls Only” error mean?

A: The “Emergency Calls Only” error on your Android device indicates that you are unable to make regular phone calls. It usually occurs due to issues with network connectivity, SIM card problems, software glitches, or unpaid phone bills.

Q: Why does the “Emergency Calls Only” error happen when I travel to areas with poor network coverage?

A: When you’re in areas with poor network coverage, your phone may struggle to establish a regular network connection. This can trigger the error message, allowing only emergency calls as they require minimal network access.

Q: Is it common for the “Emergency Calls Only” error to occur after a software update?

A: Yes, after a software update, it’s possible that minor glitches in the phone’s system can cause the error. Performing simple troubleshooting steps can often resolve this issue.

Q: How can I ensure compatibility between my phone and my chosen network mode?

A: To ensure compatibility, check with your service provider to verify that your phone supports the network mode you’ve selected. They can provide information on which modes are compatible with their network.

Q: What if none of the quick fixes work for the “Emergency Calls Only” error on my Android device?

A: If none of the quick fixes resolve the issue, consider contacting your service provider or seeking assistance from a professional technician who can further diagnose and resolve the problem.

Q: Can I prevent future occurrences of the “Emergency Calls Only” error?

A: Keeping your phone’s software up to date by regularly checking for software updates can help prevent future errors. Additionally, maintaining a paid phone bill and ensuring your SIM card is correctly inserted can reduce the likelihood of encountering this error.


By following the methods outlined in this guide, you can resolve the “Emergency Calls Only” error and regain the ability to make regular calls from your Android phone. Whether it’s a minor glitch, a SIM card issue, or a network configuration problem, these steps are designed to help you get back to using your phone without interruptions. Remember to back up your data and ensure compatibility to maintain a smooth and hassle-free experience with your Android device.”

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