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How to Create Instagram Reels with Song Lyrics: A Step-by-Step Guide

Instagram Reels has become a popular platform for sharing short video content, and one of the most trending styles on Reels is videos featuring moving song lyrics. If you’ve ever wondered how to create Instagram Reels with song lyrics, you’re in the right place. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive tutorial on how to add lyrics to your Instagram Reels using two different methods.

How to Add Song Lyrics in Reels on Instagram Directly

Instagram Reels now offers an exciting feature that automatically generates song lyrics in your videos. This feature includes two types of lyric effects: 3D Lyrics and Dynamic Lyrics. Here’s how to use these effects to add lyrics to your Reels:

Step 1: Open the Instagram app on your device and tap the “+” icon in the top right corner or swipe right on the homepage to create a new post.

Step 2: Tap “REELS” at the bottom to open the Reels Camera, and then tap the three stars icon on the left to open the effects tray.

Step 3: You’ll find a wide variety of effects; search for “3D Lyrics” or “Dynamic Lyrics” or browse through the options. Choose the one that suits your lyrics video.

Step 4: Tap the music icon to select a song with lyrics, and the song lyrics will appear on the screen. You can customize the lyrics as desired.

Step 5: Once you’re satisfied, start recording your Reel, and watch the song lyric effect come to life.

Keep in mind that automatic lyrics are available only for songs that have lyrics activated on Instagram. If you want to add lyrics to a specific song or your own music track without lyrics, you might need to use the text tool or consider the alternative method discussed in the next section.

How to Add Lyrics to Instagram Reels Automatically with FlexClip

What if you want to add lyrics to your Reels with your own audio or for videos longer than 15 seconds? In such cases, FlexClip, an online lyric video maker, comes to the rescue. Here’s how you can add lyrics to your Instagram Reels using FlexClip:

Step 1: Upload the Reels Video to FlexClip. Visit the FlexClip video editor and upload your Reels video from your device or third-party platforms like Google Drive or Dropbox. Ensure you select the correct aspect ratio for your song lyrics Reel video.

Step 2: Add the Video Footage to Timeline. Once you’ve uploaded your video, drag and drop it onto the timeline. You can utilize FlexClip’s editing tools to trim, rotate, add filters, and more. If you’re adding a separate music file, upload it and adjust its length and position as needed.

Pro tip: Ensure that the video has enough content to match the audio’s length, or adjust the duration of any images to align with the music track.

Step 3: Generate the Lyric Subtitle Automatically. Start automatically generating lyric subtitles by clicking on the “Subtitle” tab, selecting “Auto AI Subtitle,” choosing the source language, and the content source (audio). Customize the style for your lyric subtitles, and click “Generate Subtitles.”

Step 4: Edit the Lyric Subtitles for Your Reel. Review the generated lyric subtitles and manually correct any spelling errors or adjust the style, fonts, text color, background fill color, opacity, and position. Make any necessary edits to perfect your lyric video.

You can further enhance your Reel by adding a title card showing song information, a logo for branding, or a call-to-action overlay using FlexClip’s rich features.

Once you’ve completed the editing process, preview your video and download it. Now, you’re ready to share your song lyric video on Instagram Reels.


Q1: What are Instagram Reels?

A1: Instagram Reels are a feature within the Instagram app that allows users to create and share short video clips, typically 15 to 60 seconds long. They are designed for creating engaging, fun, and creative content.

Q3: Can I add lyrics to any song on Instagram Reels?

A3: No, you can only add lyrics to songs that have lyrics activated on Instagram. Not all songs are available for this feature. If you want to add lyrics to a specific song or your own music track, you may need to use a tool like FlexClip.

Q4: What is FlexClip, and is it free to use?

A4: FlexClip is an online video editing tool that allows you to add lyrics and subtitles to your videos. It offers both free and paid plans. The free plan provides basic features, but some advanced options may require a subscription.

Q5: Can I edit the generated lyric subtitles on FlexClip?

A5: Yes, you can edit the generated lyric subtitles on FlexClip. After the subtitles are automatically generated, you can review them and make manual corrections for spelling errors or adjust the style, fonts, colors, and positioning to suit your preferences.

Q6: How long can an Instagram Reel with song lyrics be?

A6: Instagram Reels can be up to 60 seconds long, which provides you with ample time to create engaging content with song lyrics.

Q7: Can I use my own music in Instagram Reels with song lyrics?

A7: Yes, you can use your own music in Instagram Reels. If you want to add lyrics to your own music, you may need to use an external tool like FlexClip, as discussed in the article.

Q8: Can I add additional elements to my Reel with song lyrics, like a title card or logo?

A8: Yes, you can add various elements to enhance your Reel with song lyrics using FlexClip. This includes adding a title card, logo, call-to-action overlays, and more, giving you the flexibility to customize your video.

Q9: Are there any limitations to adding song lyrics on Instagram Reels?

A9: The main limitation is that not all songs have lyrics activated on Instagram, so the built-in lyric effects may not work for every song. Additionally, Instagram Reels have a maximum length of 60 seconds.

Q10: Can I share my Reels with song lyrics on other social media platforms?

A10: Instagram Reels can be shared on Instagram as well as Facebook if your Instagram account is linked to your Facebook account. However, sharing Reels to other platforms may require downloading the video and then manually uploading it to those platforms.

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Adding song lyrics to your Instagram Reels has never been easier. Whether you want to use Instagram’s built-in lyric effects or prefer to have more control over your video with FlexClip, you can now create engaging Reels with song lyrics effortlessly. For additional Instagram tips and tricks, explore our blog page, which covers topics like creating Reels with existing videos and adding text to Instagram Reels at different times. Enjoy your creative journey on Instagram Reels!

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