Uh oh, Microphone Not Working on Your Android Phone? Don’t Panic!

Is your Android phone mute? Fix your microphone not working & get calling/apps working again with our simple guide

Having a Microphone not working on your Android phone can be a real pain. Even if you mostly use text messaging, there will probably be times you need to make a regular voice call. If your phone’s microphone isn’t working, here are a few simple things to try to get it working again before you take your phone in for repairs.

Troubleshooting Guide: How to Fix a Microphone Not Working on an Android Phone

Some of these answers might seem obvious when written down, but it’s crucial to cover all bases during the troubleshooting process.

Check System-wide Mic Access and Mute Status:

Ensure that your Android device has permission to access the microphone and that you haven’t accidentally muted it. Go to Settings > Security and privacy > Privacy > Privacy controls to enable Microphone access. Additionally, some apps might have their own mute toggles, so watch out for those.

Clean Your Mic Grille:

Over time, your phone’s microphone grille can get clogged with dust or blocked by your phone case. Locate the microphone grille, usually at the bottom of your phone, and inspect it. If you see any debris, gently blow on it or use a soft tool like a toothpick to clear it. Be careful not to damage the grille.

Verify Mic Permissions for Individual Apps:

If only certain apps are having microphone issues, they might have mic permissions disabled. Go to Settings > Apps, select the problematic app(s), and check the permissions. Make sure the mic permission is set to “Allow,” preferably “Allow only while using the app” for better privacy.

Close Background Apps:

Sometimes, multiple apps trying to use the microphone simultaneously can cause conflicts. Close any unnecessary apps running in the background to free up mic resources and potentially resolve conflicts.

Check for Updates:

Software updates, both for Android and individual apps, can often fix bugs causing microphone problems. Go to the Google Play Store to check for app updates, and if your phone has proprietary software (like from Samsung), ensure it’s up to date too.

Restart Your Phone:

A simple restart can sometimes clear up temporary glitches in the Android system or apps. Restart your phone to see if it resolves the microphone issue.

By following these steps, you can troubleshoot and potentially fix microphone problems on your Android phone.

FAQ: Microphone Not Working on Your Android Phone? Don’t Panic!

Q: My microphone isn’t working on my Android phone. What should I do?

A: Don’t panic! There are several things you can try before taking your phone to a repair shop. Check out the guide in the article for step-by-step instructions.

Q: I checked the app and the microphone access in settings, but my microphone still isn’t working. What else can I try?

A: Try cleaning the microphone grille (the small holes on your phone) gently with a soft brush or toothpick. Also, make sure your phone case isn’t blocking the holes.

Q: My microphone only isn’t working in certain apps. What’s the issue?

A: The app might not have permission to use the microphone. Go to your phone’s settings and check the app permissions for microphone access. Set it to “Allow only while using the app”.

Q: How do I get my microphone to work on my Android?

A: Follow these steps:

  • Check Permissions: Make sure the app you’re using has permission to access the microphone in your phone’s settings.
  • Basic Checks: Ensure the microphone isn’t muted in the app and your phone settings.
  • Clean the Microphone: Gently remove any dust or debris from the microphone grille.
  • Restart & Update: Restart your phone and check for software updates.

Q: How to fix mic not working?

A: The solutions above address common microphone issues. If you’ve tried them and it’s still not working, refer to the full article for additional troubleshooting steps.

Q: How do I turn the microphone back on Android?

A: The microphone access can be turned on/off in your phone’s settings, usually under “Security and Privacy” or “Privacy controls.”

Q: How to clean a mic hole on a phone?

A: Gently blow on the microphone grille to remove dust. You can also use a soft brush or toothpick to carefully clean the holes, but be very cautious not to damage the microphone itself.

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